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A Weekend in San Diego

Seals in La Jolla

As the automatic doors opened for me at the San Diego airport this past Saturday, I felt immense joy. In part it was because we had finally arrived after a long five and half hour flight, also because I was in town to see one of my best friends getting married, and without a doubt because I was greeted by temperatures hovering around 70 degrees. I felt like I had stepped off the plane and landed on a tropical island.

Cliffs at La Jolla

New York has been dreary lately–clouds, clouds, and more clouds, with barely a hint of the sun. But this weekend I was granted a brief, two day reprieve from winter. On Saturday, I walked along the beach on Coronado Island, saw a beautiful sunset from the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and watched as two Mexican women quickly and methodically made homemade tortillas that I would later eat with a large plate of carnitas and refried beans. Paradise.

Early on Sunday morning before the wedding, Brian and I walked along the beach and cliffs in La Jolla. We visited the “Children’s Pool”, which is a small beach populated by a group of very lazy and carefree seals and sea lions, and marveled at the number of Californians who were brazenly jumping into the ocean to swim laps in 10-foot waves and what we heard were shark-infested waters. I kid you not, they appear to do this every weekend, while I barely mustered up enough courage to dip my pinky toe in the ocean.

Pippa at Children's Pool

After our walk, we searched La Jolla for a good breakfast spot, and were lucky enough to stumble across Cody’s. We snagged a table outside before the line for brunch grew long, and enjoyed a delicious starter of ceviche with tortilla chips, followed by an omelette made with Sonoma chevre goat cheese, spinach, and wild mushrooms accompanied by sourdough toast.

Ceviche at Cody's Omelette at Cody's

The wedding that we attended was beautiful, and despite our 4:15am wakeup call the next morning, our weekend was well-worth the long trip to get there and back.  This morning, as I walked to work in 20-degree weather with my long puffy jacket, hat and gloves, it was difficult to believe that I had sat by our hotel pool in only a bathing suit the day before. Back to reality, at least for the time being…

Sunset at Katie's Wedding

Happy Cooking,