Dinner at Northern Spy Food Co.

Trout with Cranberry Beans & Broccoli_Northern Spy Food Co.

I’ve decided to mix things up a bit this year, and include more in this blog about my food ventures in New York and beyond…

Last night, I met up with a good friend of mine for dinner at Northern Spy Food Co.  Northern Spy has been on my restaurant list for over 2 years.  Yes, TWO YEARS! I know, it’s ridiculous.  I do this all the time.  In fact, my friend and I were discussing last night how we make an effort with certain people to try new restaurants and be adventurous, while with other friends and family we make a concerted effort to take them only to “tried and true” favorites.  I suppose we both fear letting people down, choosing a restaurant with the wrong ambiance and space, etc. etc.  In this case, the mere location of the restaurant was somewhat of a deterrent. After all, it is between Avenue A and B on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, which if you know Manhattan at all, is a good mile (or what feels like a mile) from any useful subway line.  I love walking in the City, but if I so much as hear the word “Avenue A” (or god forbid Avenue B or C), I question the necessity of the trip. Thankfully for my friend and I, we failed to notice the exact location of Northern Spy until it was too late to change our plans (and like I said before, it had been on my short list for 2 years).

Picked Eggs_Northern Spy Food Co.

Moving on to the food… We started our meal by sharing an order of pickled eggs with aioli. I have actually never had pickled eggs before, but these were cooked perfectly, garnished with pickled onion, and when paired with the creamy aioli (which tasted more like a very thin creme fraiche than an aioli to me), delicious. We also shared a kale salad with delicata squash, pecorino, cheddar, and toasted almonds. As my friend wisely noted “I’m getting sick of Kale”. However, this kale salad (which I should note Northern Spy is known for) was great. The roasted squash added sweetness, the almonds some crunch, and the cheese the perfect amount of salt. Combining cheddar and pecorino in one salad stuck me as odd originally, but somehow this worked.

For my main course I ordered what the menu described as Trout with broccoli, cranberry beans, and dill. What I received was in fact smoked trout. It was very delicate, almost reminiscent of olive-oil poached fish, and it had just the right amount of smoke. The sauce that the fish rested in was a vibrant green, and the cranberry beans a welcome sight in the dead of winter. We skipped dessert, but I would definitely come back…if only it weren’t on Avenue A!

Happy Cooking,


2 thoughts on “Dinner at Northern Spy Food Co.

  1. Blogging Over Thyme

    Very cool, Pippa! I was actually just speaking to mom the other day and somehow this came up–the idea that we thought you should talk all about your restaurant discoveries on the blog. This place sounds very interesting! Glad it was work the trek.


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